Digiquest Q10 Tivusat HD Receiver inc Card Activated


For viewing free-to-air and encrypted television programs on the satellite platform Tivùsat, as well as all free satellite channels. An ideal solution for those living in areas with limited access to terrestrial digital television signals. It also functions as a multimedia player. The 2-in-1 remote control allows you to control both the decoder and the television with a single remote.

Included in the package is a tivùsat card. We can activate the card for you.

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Digiquest Q10 Tivusat HD
Digiquest Q10 Tivusat HD Receiver inc Card Activated

Experience free and encrypted television programs effortlessly on the tivùsat satellite platform and all major free-to-air satellite channels like Hotbird and Astra. This solution is particularly well-suited for individuals residing in areas with challenging access to digital terrestrial TV signals. The package includes a versatile media player and a convenient 2-in-1 remote control that seamlessly manages both the decoder and TV functions. It boasts compatibility with DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, USALS, SCR, and dCSS unicable systems, making setup a breeze. Plus, you’ll find a tivùsat card thoughtfully included in the package.


Additional information

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 170 × 113 × 35 cm



  • Producer: DIGIQUEST
  • Contact details for assistance / maintenance: tel.: 06 9857981
  • website: http://www.digiquest.it

General Technical Data

  • Decoder type: HD
  • Dimensions (mm): 170x113x35
  • Weight: 220g


  • Automatic / manual channel search: YES
  • Parental controls: YES
  • EPG: YES
  • Favorite channel list: YES
  • Subtitles: YES
  • LNB management: DiSEqC, SCR, dCSS
  • Registration: NO

Product specifications

  • Reception: DVB-S2
  • Video decoding: HEVC extension
  • Audio decoding: Dolby Digital / Dolby Digital Plus
  • Internet connection: LAN
  • HbbTV: NO
  • ECP: NO
  • Software Update Mode: OTA / USB / FTP


  • Scarts: YES
  • USB: YES
  • IF output: YES


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