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TV Aerial Installations & Freeview

TV Aerial Installation and Freeview Service


TotalSat Specialise in TV Aerial Installation, Digital TV and Terrestrial Freeview services. We supply, install, repair and upgrade TV Aerials and Terrestrial TV Systems for homes, commercial and shared building blocks within Greater London Area, Kent, Surrey and surrounding areas

We only use industry-standard equipment, such as Televes and Triax on all our ongoing projects.

More information about Freeview vs Freesat  

Aerial & Freeview Service List

  • Upgrades and Servicing of existing and older TV Aerial systems
  • New Aerial TV Installation Inc all parts, wiring and fitting
  • Bespoke Aerial Install Service inc Discreet Aerial and wiring
  • Domestic Aerial System servicing, repair, rewiring, and extensions
  • Additional Aerial points install
  • Rewiring & reconfiguration of existing systems (move TV points)
  • Communal Aerial system for building block larger properties
  • Maintenance contracts for large Aerial Systems
  • Custom Aerial installation for SAT and DAB
  • Combined Aerial and Satellite Systems Solutions
  • You can see our gallery below and more TV Aerial Jobs Pictures here

Aerial Upgrades
Upgrades of existing and older Aerial systems.
Receptions system repairs, rewiring, additional TV points
New Installations
New Aerial Installations Inc wiring, all parts, accessories and fitting.
Cables, Distributions amplifiers and all diplexers are available.
Communal TV
Communal TV Aerial system for building blocks and commercial properties.
Shared IRS and combined reception systems.
Maintenance Contracts
Maintenance contracts are available for regular servicing and upgrades.
Combined AV & Sat
Combined Aerial and Satellite smart reception TV systems.
Bespoke Installation
Bespoke Aerial Install Service inc Discreet Wiring and hidden aerials

If you have a strong Freeview signal in your Area, you may just need an indoor aerial. Check this guide


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