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TF1 Channels Return on TNTSAT and Astra 1

You may have noticed recently the missing channels of TF1, TMC, TFX, LCI from TNTSAT. This was because of a dispute between TNTSAT / canal group and TF1 in France.

This issue is no longer relevant now that TF1 has started broadcasting on a different frequency on Astra 1

New Frequency for TF1 on Astra 1 (TNTSAT)

- Satellite Astra 19.2° East
- Frequency: 11376 Mhz
- Polarization: Vertical
- Symbol Rate (S/R): 22000
- FEC: 2/3

How to Scan TF1 Channels on TNTSAT?

We have listed below instructions for the most common TNTSAT receivers, if you are using a different box, it shouldn’t be too different from the instructions below.

Receiver: Strong, Thomson TNTSAT

EN: Menu 》Installation 》Manual Tuning 》Select le Transponder 11376/V/22000 》Scan TP (Green Button)

FR: Menu 》Installation 》Installation manuelle 》Choisir le Transpondeur 11376/V/22000 》scan TP (touche verte)

Channels will be at the end of the List of channels

Receiver: Sagem TNTSAT

Menu 》Installation 》OK 》Recherche de chaines 》Installation par transpondeur 》 Modifier la fréquence et saisir 11376, entrer 22000 pour le débit symbole et modifier la modulation en DVBS2 》OK

Les chaînes de TF1 se trouvent en fin de liste principale

Receiver: Cahors TNTSAT

Menu 》Installation 》Manuelle 》Choisir TP 11376 V 22000 》Scan bouquet (touche rouge)

Les chaînes de TF1 se trouvent en fin de liste principale

Please see the attached picture this is a notification from canal about the issue

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